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Q: Do We Pick Up The Wine?

A: Yes, stop by once a month to pick up your wine during any normal business hours.

Q: When Is The Wine Ready?

A: Your wine is always ready and waiting for you on the 1st of every month.

Q: How Does The Billing Process Work?

A: This is a recurring charge, that will take place on the 14th of every month, charging you for the following month.

Q: Do We Get To Pick Out The Bottle?

A: You do get to pick whether or not you receive a red or white bottle, but you do not get to pick which bottles you receive each month.  This is part of the journey!  That being said, we are well aware that we are selecting wine for a large group and never put out anything that ONLY appeals to a smaller portion of our wine club.

Q: May I Receive Both Red And White?

A: If you choose to have one bottle / month, you have to choose red or white, but yes, you CAN request to switch clubs at any time. If you choose to be in a club that receives two bottles / month, then yes, you CAN get BOTH red and white, or, choose to get two different reds, or two different whites.

Q: May We Drink Our Wine At The Restaurant?

A. No, unfortunately we not only search for the best wine that we can find, but we also search for the best values that we can find. We offer the wine that goes out in the wine club at 1/2 of what it would cost in the restaurant.

Q: What Is The Difference Between The Normal Membership And The Reserve Membership?

A: We will always recommend that you join the club that is the best representation of the type of wines that you would typically enjoy. The difference between our normal membership and the reserve membership is simply the caliber of wine that is offered each month. In our opinion, all of the wine offered at Nirvana is exceptional, so this is what we call a win-win situation. The reserve club is never anything less than impressive.

Q: Can I Upgrade?

A: Yes, you can always upgrade, switch memberships, or end your membership at any time.

Q: May We Buy More Of The Bottles That Go Out In The Wine Club?

A: Yes, you’re always welcome to buy any of the wine that you like while available. Nirvana Wine and Grillerie specializes in small-production wine, some vintages as small as hundred-case productions. Get them while they’re available!

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